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New GOST certificates of conformity are issued for Magnetek inverters and rectifiers

All product range of Magnetek Millennium and Magnum rectifiers is listed in the GOST certificate of conformity for rectifiers and all range of the invertors Magnetek SLI including new models Magnetek-Shtyl for 700VA is listed in the GOST certificate of conformity for invertors. The certificates are valid for 3 years.

Special price for new Magnetek-Shtyl inverters SLI 700W!

Significant discount for the first buyers of a new Magnetek-Shtyl inverter 700W/48V DC!

New winding machines for toroidal transformers are installed in our factory

ZAO "Tensy-Electro” (our factory for transformers) installed new winding machines for toroidal transformers - СНТ-0,45 and МА-ОО-427. It increase our productivity and cut down execution time the of orders.

Guarantee period for our 19” and 23” racks, subracks and cabinets is increased up to 5 years
Trade-in for the voltage stabilizers Shtyl. Bring us your old and broken voltage stabilizer and get new Shtyl in return!

Bring us any Chinese voltage stabilizer in any condition (burned, broken, defective, inoperative etc.) and get great discount for a new Shtyl voltage stabilizer!

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