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INELSYS - Industrial Electrosystems

About the company

INELSYS (Industrial Electrical Systems) was established in May of 2005 as a Moscow office of group of companies Shtyl that is a leader developer and manufacturer of the voltage stabilizers, DC power supplies, power inverters, UPS DC, toroidal transformers and 19 enclosures in Russia.

INELSYS focuses on Shtyl Group products customers and dealer support, product service, and promotion of the Shtyl product range in Moscow region the biggest and most important market in Russia.

Shtyl Group was established in 1990 by several electrical engineers formerly worked together in a military research laboratory in Tula. From the very beginning Shtyl Group team propose to the customers high performance and cost effective products and services based on innovative approach.

Currently Shtyl Group includes four factories located in Tula.

Tensy-techno ZAO is a manufacturer of voltage stabilizers rated from 100VA to 100kVA for industrial, office, home, medical, telecommunication and other applications.
Irbis-T ZAO is a manufacturer of DC power supplies, modules, and power supply systems, UPS DC, power inverters for telecommunication, automatic control systems and security and CCTV applications.
Tensy-electro ZAO is a manufacturer of toroidal transformers.
Mechanika OOO is a manufacturer of 19 and 23 racks, subracks, cabinets and other electronics enclosures.

Shtyl Group customers are located in Russia, CIS countries and European Community

All Shtyl Group companies have ISO 9001 quality management system certificates. All product range has PCT certificates. Telecom products have Minsvyaz (The Russian Federation Ministry for Communications and Informatization) certificate.

Shtyl Group became a partner of Magnetek Power Electronics Group in 2004. Shtyl Group is developer and manufacturer of DC power systems based on Magnetek DC power modules, controllers and power invertors for Russian market with trademark Magnetek-Shtyl. Due to Shtyl Group technologies, design and manufacture opportunities joined with technologies and innovation design of Magnetek we can supply our customers with the most advanced DC power systems and inverter power systems for telecommunications in a very short time and for very good price.

The reasons why the customers prefer Shtyl products are

  • Wide range of products
  • High quality products
  • Cost efficient products
  • Flexible approach and design
  • Custom design and manufacture in a short time
  • High quality guarantee and post-guarantee service and support
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